Marketing Orchestration

Once you’ve weeded out the leads who aren’t prospects at all and the ones who were ready for sales right away, you’re left with leads to nurture. In order to do so, you’ve got to have a plethora of content at the ready. Let us help get you ready to knock the socks off your marketing-qualified leads.

Content Marketing

Good copy will captivate your audience and entice them to click. At the marketing-qualified status, quality content is crucial for positioning yourself as a thought-leader and informing your audience of why they need your solutions. But it’s not just about the storytelling—your copy must be optimized for SEO keywords, too.

Whether you’re working on ads, eBooks, blog posts, emails, webpages—you name it—we can help get your message across effectively, further pushing your leads toward sales. Take a look at pricing for various content types, below:

We'll write captivating content and design a beautiful eBook to engage your audience.
Blog Post
We'll write an engaging 900-word blog post
Website Content
We'll rewrite your website content to concisely get your message across.

Email Campaigns

Through your marketing automation platform, we can help you set up tracking to observe what your leads are doing and then trigger emails to send when a lead completes an action or reaches a certain score

We can also nudge your leads through the sales funnel by placing them in an email nurturing stream. It's the perfect way to keep your brand top-of-mind while educating them on why they need your solutions.

Email nurturing campaigns involve a lot of strategy and quality content. For help with content, see the previous section, “Content Marketing.” For campaign creation and management prices, see below.

Email Trigger Campaign
We'll create a strategy for triggered emails and help you create content for them.
Email Nurturing Campaign Creation
We'll create email copy and a responsive design to captivate your recipients.
Email Nurture Campaign Management
We'll keep an eye on your nurture campaigns, performing maintenance and analysis and running A/B tests when beneficial.

Social Media Management

Keep your brand personality consistent across all social media platforms and share quality content from peers—all while sticking to a publishing schedule. It’s a lot to do! If you’re struggling to keep up with social media, or just need some guidance, let us know.

Social Media Account Management
We'll create content, monitor interactions, and optimize your posting frequency.
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