Lead Management

It's essential that every business has a strategy for moving leads through the sales funnel. Otherwise, they might just get stuck and never see the light of sales.

After initial capture, you need to qualify your leads to see where they’re at before placing them in a nurturing campaign or directing them to a salesperson. Marketing automation gives us lots of tools to track and score leads, taking the guesswork out of qualifying.

Once leads are ready to talk to sales, you'll need a distribution strategy to ensure they are taken care of by the right salesperson at the right time.

Below, we dig into various tactics we can assist with for managing lead flow.

Lead Tracking

Through your marketing automation platform, we can help you set up tracking to observe what your leads are doing. We can use data like where they click and how long they stay on a page to determine their level of interest and what content on your site gets the most attention.

Lead Tracking Setup
We'll set you up with tracking capabilities.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is the process of assigning points to leads based on their behaviors and demographics in order to determine sales-readiness. By assigning points to leads and creating a threshold before they are sent to sales, you can ensure that only your most qualified leads are reaching sales.

Each business’ scoring system is unique, since points are based on the actions that are most valuable to you. We’d love to sit down with you, talk more about lead scoring, and help you implement a system. Just say the word.

Lead Scoring Strategy & Implementation
We'll work with you to develop a lead scoring system that works for your business.

Customer Support

Have a dedicated team respond to incoming inquiries. We have an amazing customer support team who is always standing by to make sure your prospects and customers feel well taken care of.

Online Chat Support
Our team of customer service representatives will handle all incoming communications to your business.


Even with all of marketing automation’s capabilities, sometimes the quickest and easiest way to qualify a lead is to hop on the phone and talk to them. Our customer service representatives are well-trained to contact your leads and determine their level of interest. All we need is a list of prospects, call script, and follow-up email—and we’re more than happy to help you develop those.

Our customer service representatives will hop on the phone and qualify leads for you.

Lead Distribution

Lead distribution strategy is where we really toot our own horn. We have many, many years of experience working with dealer networks. Come pick our brains and develop a strategy that ensures your most-qualified leads complete purchases every time.

Lead Distribution Strategy
We'll work with you to develop a distribution strategy that makes sense for your business.
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