Lead Gen­eration

In the capture stage, marketers are focused on attracting potential customers from a variety of outlets, such as Google Ads and social media, and capturing their information in forms. Below are specific projects we can assist with.


In an effort to help our clients get in front of eligible prospects, MarketNet has relationships with a number of vendors who provide leads in categories like relocating companies, new construction projects, and government contracts. With their help, we can develop mailing/emailing lists for you based on a set of criteria.

As a form of outbound marketing, prospecting helps get your company in front of people who might otherwise not know you exist. By providing minimal criteria, we can up your chances of securing leads from these lists, while still pitching to people outside your usual audience. This way, you may discover a new audience you hadn’t considered before.

Prospect List
We'll get you a list of prospects to contact.

Digital Ads

Ad technology allows businesses to target a very specific audience, which means your ads can be super personal, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

We’ll help you tailor your message and design to best attract your audiences. Check out our ad creation and campaign management prices, below.

Ad Creation
We'll create ads for you using persuasive copy and captivating design.
Ad Campaign Management
We'll set up your campaigns and manage their budget, visibility, and schedule.

Social Media Promot­ion

Keep your brand personality consistent across all social media platforms and share quality content from peers—all while sticking to a publishing schedule. It’s a lot to do! If you’re struggling to keep up with social media, or just need some guidance, let us know.

Social Media Ad Creation
We'll create ads for you using persuasive copy and captivating design.
Social Media Promotion Management
We'll set up your promotions and manage their budget, visibility, and schedule.

Land­ing Pages

Landing pages are the last stop before conversion. They must be ultra-convincing and clear, so prospects know what they’re in for when they hand over their personal information.

We’ll craft high-converting landing pages for you, complete with tracking capabilities so you know exactly what’s working.

Landing Page Creation
We'll write persuasive content and design a converting landing page.
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