Top 3 Reasons to Love Bpm'online

Top 3 Reasons to Love Bpm'online

After spending weeks training for their bpm’online certifications, MarketNet Developers Steve Rajkovich and John Adkins accompanied President Jerry Troke to Boston for bpm’online’s global conference. The trip was a pleasant break from the digital training, as Jerry, John, and Steve were able to meet their trainers in person and learn about bpm’online from the CEO herself. In Part One of this two-part series, we touch on highlights from the conference, as well as get into the reasons why we’re thrilled about our new partnership with bpm’online.

MarketNet team at bpm'online conference


From left to right, Steve, Jerry, and John at the bpm'online conference in Boston.












The Boston conference, titled “Accelerate Time-to-Strategy Execution,” was the first stop on a 10-city global tour. Over the next few months, the conference will travel to London, Sydney, Singapore, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Almaty, and Kiev. As a widely popular CRM provider in Europe, bpm’online is currently working on expanding their reach to U.S. customers, and MarketNet is helping them do just that.

Bpm’online boasts over 400 partners worldwide. In her presentation, CEO and Managing Partner Katherine Kostereva shared bpm’online’s commitment to their partner network. In addition to Community and Academy resources available to partners, bpm’online has expanded their partner Marketplace to include more apps and add-ons, solution templates, and focused services. “Bpm’online is now providing more opportunities for their partners than ever,” said Jerry, “and as a partner, that’s something we’re excited to be a part of.”

When he initially began researching bpm’online’s products, Jerry was impressed by both their focus on business process tools and their single platform which houses marketing, sales, and service solutions. Most CRMs are dependent on integrations with add-on applications to meet all of their customers’ needs—but not bpm’online. They boast hassle-free integration using their CRM because everything is internal. Their single platform is one of three success points that made bpm’online stand out to us. Check out our top three reasons to love bpm’online below:

1. All-in-One Package

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Bpm’online’s CRM houses solutions for marketing, sales, and customer service in a single, agile platform. No more worrying if everyone on your team is working off of the most accurate data, since lead records are available to all in one database. No more trying to keep track of logins and subscriptions for multiple systems, because bpm’online’s core solutions are built in to one platform.

2. Designed to be Customizable

Bmp’online was built with the average user in mind, so there's no need for developers to make changes or solve your business needs. Bpm’online gives you the freedom to customize the look and feel, enhance your branding, redesign forms, add fields, create templates, and create business processes all on your own. It’s flexible and dynamic to your needs. However, should you need more intricate customizations, MarketNet, as your bpm'online integrator, can help you out. Our team of certified experts is on hand whenever you need us.

3. More Affordable Than You Think

With one of the most cost-effective pricing structures in the CRM industry, bpm’online may be the most affordable complete solution you can implement. In addition to lower licensing costs than many competitors, bpm’online has been named a leader in the industry by numerous outlets, including recognition as the #1 Business Process Management Software by FinancesOnline and a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: CRM Suites by Forrester Research. In this case, lower prices certainly doesn't mean lower quality.

Bpm’online is a unique solution that we truly believe in. Our time spent at the bpm’online conference in Boston only solidified our decision to partner with them and get us excited about what’s to come. Keep an eye out for Part Two, where we’ll expand on key takeaways from the conference.

Learn more about our new partnership with bpm’online in our press release and on our bpm’online page.


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