Get Eyes Glued to Your Landing Pages

Get Eyes Glued to Your Landing Pages

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Marketers are always chasing the "next big thing" that will allow them to grab eyeballs, convince prospects that their way is best, and ultimately influence a buying decision. There are a number of strategies behind creating the ideal landing page, but have you considered using video?

Granted, there are some considerations to keep in mind when going in this direction, such as video length and depth and the subjects you attempt to tackle—but have no fear! Let’s dive into ways to optimize video usage on landing pages.

Why Use Videos

Every inch of your landing page should be fully optimized and include a way to convert your audience from browsers to buyers. An study found that landing page conversions increase by 80% when video is included. That's a pretty powerful argument for devoting some of that precious real estate to video.

Marketers use video in a variety of places, such as social media and websites. Landing pages provide a very targeted way to present interactive content that can be much more engaging than words or even static images. Let's face it—people are lazy and don't really want to read. If you provide them with the same information in a lovely graphic interface, they are more likely to stick around long enough to learn more.

How Videos Convert Prospects to Customers

Videos can create a very emotional appeal. Anyone who has watched late-night television and seen the heart-tugging stories of starving children or abandoned puppies is probably halfway to their credit card with tears in their eyes before they know it—and for good reason!

The powerful emotions that are evoked are meant to cause us to overcome our natural apathy and take action. Adding impactful videos to a landing page can help create this feeling within your prospects and show them that you're ultimately offering them a way to gain more happiness.

That doesn't mean all video brings amazing conversion rates (it doesn't); it means that good video boosts your prospect:customer ratio. Video marketers are on a roll with some pretty killer stats, all from OptinMonster:

  • More than 80% of marketers see video as a key marketing strategy 
  • Nearly 55% of marketers found that video reduced sales support calls 
  • Over 80% noted an increase in sales volume 
  • Nearly 45% of marketers use video as a marketing strategy 
  • 95% of viewers retain the message from a video

The numbers don't lie—video is definitely where it's at! Now, let's dig into how to execute in a way that improves your conversions.

Tips for Placing Videos on a Landing Page

Everywhere, right?! Yes and no. Designers and marketers find that placing a video “above the fold” is the most effective option, but that doesn't mean the top-level video should be the only one on the landing page.

If your hero video is a shorty, you may want to lead people further down your page to get to Step 2 of your process or the next stage of the sales cycle. Additional video "snacks" allow you to gauge customer engagement each step of the way while feeding them small details that are sure to keep their interest.

Here are more great tips for helping lift conversions on your video pages:

  • Make video the hero of your page, but don't make it the only piece of content. People engage with content in a variety of ways, so don't limit their experience to only video. 
  • Choose an amazing thumbnail or make the video auto-play when a visitor lands on your site. There are pros and cons for each approach, depending on your product and audience. 
  • Add a CTA to your video. Why have a stellar video if you're not telling people what to do next? 
  • Cross-pollinate your content. Did you know that adding your landing page video to YouTube or Vimeo amplifies the content in search results?

Great Landing Page Video Examples

All this theory is great, but let's see some examples of how marketers are winning with video landing pages:

Sprout Social: Their landing page video is nearly below the fold on most devices, but it delivers in terms of value.

Salesforce: Customer relationship management is a challenging concept to explain. This video gives a good overview of how easy the software can be to use.

Act!: This is a great example of a one-page+ format that features the video front and center with a clear CTA next door.

Recovery Village: Personal services such as Recovery Village take full advantage of the strong emotions that come through in caring for your loved ones.

Get additional inspiration from these examples on

As you can see, video provides a way to speed up the process of introducing complex concepts in a short period of time. Where it may take several paragraphs of text on a website to get a point across, video can often do the same thing in 30 seconds or less. Video marketing will keep on growing in 2018, so let's see what we can do with it!

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