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Below, find three whitepapers on lead management.

Five Misconceptions of Lead Management with Channel Networks

In a direct selling environment, you have control over your system of lead management. You can observe as leads are collected, qualified, nurtured, and distributed and as they interact with your sales staff. They’re closely monitored in your CRM system where you can check on their activity and use it to inform your marketing and sales strategies.

However, passing sales leads on to reseller channels, like dealer networks, makes lead management a little trickier. Dealers are independent, so it’s not as easy to tell them what to do, even though you’re the one sending them sales leads. But things aren’t totally out of your control; with the right strategies in place, you can be confident that your dealers will handle leads to your satisfaction. We’ve broken down five common misconceptions when it comes to working with reseller channels and ways for you to overcome them.

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Five Challenges to Lead Management

You know the drill: sales leads come in, they’re qualified, nurtured toward being “sales ready” and deposited into CRM in hopes of conversion. Sounds simple enough, but once the leads hit an organization’s CRM there’s a lot at play—challenges that can cause unnecessary frustration or even jeopardize a sale. Will your channel partner be proactive? Will your sales rep close the communication loop letting you know how it all turned out?

The good news is we’ve been there, and we know what it takes to get the conversion. Check out our simple strategies for addressing the top five most common lead management challenges and how you can learn to navigate them successfully. With a few small but significant tweaks, you’ll set yourself up for better results, create greater customer confidence, cement better relationships and increase your likelihood of securing repeat business.

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Whose Lead Is It Anyway?

Do you remember “pass the egg”? It’s a childhood game where everyone stands in a circle, holding spoons. One by one you gently pass a single raw egg from spoon to spoon hoping it doesn’t drop. If you’ve played, you know the feeling of breathlessly gripping that spoon, concentrating as you pivot and hoping you’re not the one who sends the egg crashing to the floor. Sometimes managing leads can feel just like that. It’s in those moments when you’re not quite sure if it’s on your spoon, or theirs. Will they catch what you’re passing on? Will they treat it as attentively as you would? You can only hope. Unfortunately research shows that up 80% of B2B sales leads are never followed up on by a sales representative—the egg is not passed successfully!. But there are a few things you can do to help.

We’ve put together a case study that illustrates one way you can work with your channel partners to clearly spell out who is responsible for leads and at when that happens, all without stepping on toes or losing the lead.

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Case Studies

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Increase Lead-to-Sale Conversions

Do response times really affect a sale? The answer is yes, and our experience with Konica Minolta Business Solutions proves it.

MarketNet helped them ask the right questions, mine the right data, identify opportunities and come up with a strategy to make sure leads were contacted promptly. This resulted in higher sales conversions and a more streamlined process. And now we’re passing on our findings to you. Click below to discover how you can apply these principles to do the same.

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