Not sure what we mean when we talk about lead management, marketing automation, or CRMs? Well, you've come to the right place. We have extensive knowledge on these topics, all available for you to study right here for free.

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Lead management, marketing automation, and CRM are tricky topics. Get a deeper understanding of these marketing buzzwords by browsing the pages below.

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Learn from us via email our email courses: Email 101 and What the heck is a CRM?

"Email 101" is a beginner’s course in email marketing. If you’re starting your first email campaign or just want to stay informed on today’s best practices, Email 101 is perfect for you.

If you've been hearing the term "CRM" being thrown around but aren't exactly sure what they do, the "What the heck is a CRM?" email series will get you up to speed and introduce you to the CRM vendor bpm'online.

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We have four whitepapers on lead management and one great case study on our client, Konica Minolta. Head to the library to get reading.

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